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    Chapter 1: They Call This Mercy...

    So begins one man's journey to hell without even leaving the bond of the flesh.
    "Will, come on, this is ludicrous! I am your master, you cannot do this!" Wood creaked as a man, a vampire, squirmed in his bonds. Each arm cuffed to the rest, and each leg cuffed to the chair itself. It allowed for minimal movement, and even less hope.
    Will pulled his purple hood over his head and zipped the sweater all the way. "You know what's ludicrous?" He muttered in a ghastly manner, "is that I haven't thought of doing this sooner." He turned on his heel and started toying with the tools he'd laid out on the trolley. After a few moments, he selected a trident hook.
    For a vampire, he seemed visibly shaken. "You don't honestly believe you'll get away with this, do you?! I'm an important member of the Pure Blood Community!" His cries were for nothing in the end. Will grinned.
    "Which makes this the perfect crime then, eh? Think about it," he hissed, dragging the steel hook on the concrete floor for the added effect, "you own me, well, owned me. Paid my way in life, gave me a place in a community I can't join. I'm just a mere human, right? What could I possibly do?!" His grin was now accompanied with horrific, hysterical laughter. "It's perfect because no one will ever suspect that that I, a human, duped, captured, tortured and killed you! A head of the Pure Bloods! It's brilliant, really, wouldn't you agree?"
    The man clenched his fists. "What reason have you to do this?! I've been a good master to you!"
    "That's bullshit and you know it!!" He swung the hook and sank all three of them into his ribs. "You can be all kinds of good, but what about when you just looked the other way as your subordinates and colleagues abused me?!" A short pull upward on the handle emitted a loud crack, broken ribs, he assumed. The man screamed and howled as blood began to pour. "You treat your clients like dirt, you treat your food source like dirt, and worst of all?! You're privileged! You're loved by all, and you'll be dearly missed!" With some effort, he managed to withdraw his claw along with bits of viscera and bone fragments. "Funny, how much your kind can bleed even though they survive on blood."
    "William, please, stop this! L-Let me go, and I'll just forget t-this ever happened!" He was frantic as he pleaded; the pain forced him to trip over his words as he spoke...
    "You honestly expect me to buy that? How sad. I've gone too far at this point." He sighed and shook the blood off of his hook. "You know, the only part I hate about this is the blood and gore. I can do blood, but gore is a turn off, and the only way to kill you, kill you is to dismember you. Which will be difficult." These words brought only more dread to the visage Will only glared daggers into.
    "W-Why..? I.. I don't understand..." He coughed up blood and whimpered quietly...
    "Why? Because I have to start somewhere, yeah? This isn't gonna be a one time thing... And besides," He added, swinging the weapon up into his jaw, pulling a prong through each cheeks and the last one out of his lips, "If I can kill someone closer to me, who cared, imagine how much more I can do to those further out, who've hurt me." Will gave a firm tug, tearing through his neck, cheeks and tongue. The vampire wailed in complete and utter agony for a reply.
    "Since you won't be talking anymore, I guess I'll just gush a bit of truth, since you can't judge me now." Will sighed and wiped some blood from his cheek; the spray had a fair distance to it. "I'm really a psychopath, Master." He admits with finality riddling his words. "It's a rush, to kill... But I'm too pure to kill the innocent. I'll only kill the black of heart." His fingers slid around the wooden handle of the hook, damn close to sensual in nature. "Or the soulless. I'll kill them too." A foot planted on his chest, Will gave a tough, drawn out heave on the handle, ripping rather messily the face, or most of it, and jaw off of the skull. Will began to smile, the smile infected him, the rush he spoke of was potent and only made him want to kill more and faster. So he did. "Goodbye, Master! Godspeed!" He cried out in a jovial tone as he thrashed and slashed the man's body with the hook, ripping, tearing, and removing large chunks of skin from the body, muscles were splayed open, bones were exposed, and organs were unveiled too. He left no stone unturned. Such a torrent of blood... He'd need a new favorite sweater...
    Screaming wasn't even a possibility at this point, but that didn't matter. Will knew just by the fear and anguish in his eyes that his master was suffering, and that was alright. Seconds became minutes, and a Vampire became mush...
    "I guess... That's about all I'm getting out of this one, eh?" He panted, wiping his face clean. "I'm afraid this is where it ends..." He huffed, pulling out his silver revolver etched with crosses. "You know, I do call myself a God Fearing Man... Not that you care..." The barrel of the weapon was pointed square at the vampire's heart. After a short pause, he hissed, "Consider this an act of mercy." Click.
    One vampire dead... And a whole legion remained... Not a whole lot of progress, but it was a start...

    Chapter 2: The Sheep In Wolves' Clothing...

    Will sat quietly in the dimly lit room wearing his usual choker collar, and formal black hoodie. Former colleagues and friends of his late master paced the room, brainstorming and theorizing where he could possibly have gone.
    An elegant looking woman with fur skin and a fair complexion folded her arms and flipped her long white hair over her shoulder. "It's not like Artemis to be so.. so.. So ridiculously late!" her brow was furrowed and her mouth a firm, immovable scowl.
    A rather stoic man stood near Artemis' desk. Will looked it over once more, remembering all the times he'd been thrown upon it in a frenzy of passion and hunger. He didn't fail to recall the blood and crying either, it just wasn't how he wanted to remember his master. He was a monster in form, but not in behavior.. usually. "Calm yourself, Miss Fiora. It's been no more than three minutes at the most..." He spoke with a hint of worry, but mostly just a calm tone overall.
    "And how many times has he been three minutes late, hmm?"
    "Does it matter? Not just humans make mistakes..." He pushed his glasses further onto ihs nose and pulled a novel out of the desk drawer. He swept his black hair aside so he could read without an obstacle.
    Fiora wasn't satisfied with this response. "Not everyone is as calm as you, Selmon, and Artemis was never one for tardiness!"
    The man smiled. "You're positively adorable in a frustrated state, did you know that?"
    Fiora blushed... Selmon and Fiora had been a couple for over six decades, and yet, he still managed to make her chest flutter. "T-That's.. Thank you... But not here, we couldn't. Especially not in front of... Him..." She said, failing to avert her gaze from Will. He scowled and stuck his tongue out.
    Selmon stood up and sighed. "He has a name, and I wasn't trying to coerce you into such a private event right here, I merely made a comment..." He turned to Will and placed his hand on the spot where his heart should've been. "My apologies, Mister Brone... She's in a bit of a mood, if you couldn't tell already."
    Will rolled his eyes and then nodded. "I get it... I understand full well, and I'm not even offended."
    Selmon smiled, and Will stared at the ground. Selmon had always been so kind, and polite, and even respectful to him. He didn't see Will as just a bag of meat, instead he saw a fountain of life. Because Vampires survive on blood, just to make sense of that analogy. Will pondered whether it would be wrong to kill him... He technically had done no wrong to him, he was the closest subordinate to Artemis, he was always genuine and gentleman-like... He only ever took from Will if he was on the verge of death... So what purpose was there to kill him?
    "Evening, everyone..." Another couple entered the room. A man in a white pinstriped suit, and a girl maybe two years older than Will.
    Fiora spoke nervously as she clasped her hands together. "Ah, you've arrived, Master Wesslee, but I regret to inform you that Artemis has not..."
    Wess raised a brow and folded his hands behind his back. "That is rather troubling. Where is he?"
    Selmon shook his head. "We've not the foggiest... I've called his personal number numerous times, and no response was ever received."
    "I know, because I don't answer other people's phones. It's quite rude, I hear." Wess held up a blood soaked cellphone, grinning wide. "Interesting. Ellanor found this in one of the basement halls. Curious, isn't it?"
    Will held his face as it was even though every muscle in his body shook. Ellanor gave him a calculating look, which only worsened his inner fright. She twiddled with the laces on her bow and clicked her heels together. "Will, when did you last see Master Artemis? How was he doing?"
    "It was here. He had a drink from me, and I passed out."
    Fiora scoffed. "That's ridiculous, I've drank you and you never even wheezed."
    "It was a really long one. He was starving from a whole day without anything..." He swallowed hard.
    Selmon raised a hand. "I've known this boy since Artemis bought him from his orphanage, and he's never once told me a fib. If he says this is what happened, I'd take him at his word."
    Will nodded. "My word is my bond..."
    Wess narrowed his eyes. "Our officers have confirmed Artemis dead, they found his corpse in the trash compactor." The room went silent, and everyone's jaw had dropped, including Will's. "He was mangled and torn apart. His limbs were severed, and his entrails have become his ex-trails... His blood was everywhere, I must say, it was quite the horrific sight." Will put a hand to his mouth and began to cry and sob.
    Selmon ran to his side and wrapped the boy in his arms. "Master Wesslee, are the details completely necessary?!" Will cried into his shoulder, and a hand was placed at the back of his head. "Pardon my outburst, but I see no value in needlessly hurting the boy..."
    "I was merely testing a theory. Will is rather close to Artemis, so I figured I'd test his resolve. It seems his emotions of sorrow are genuine... Thus, he can't be the culprit." He twirled his cane in his hand. "I don't do anything 'needlessly' Mister Selmon..."
    Fiora feigned a cough. "Well, what should be done with the boy? If Artemis is dead, where will he go?"
    "Fiora and I will take him. Provided he wants us as... Master and Mistress." He shivered at the words.
    Wess nodded. "Very well. I grant you," He waved the end of his cane around ceremoniously, "ownership of his existence. Do as you see... appropriate."
    Selmon and Fiora looked to one another. Wess smiled. "I also want you to take Ellanor with you. She will see to it that he is well kept, so to speak."
    Will and Ellanor locked eyes for a brief moment. Her emerald gaze made him want to shy away, but he knew showing fear would only bring more misery upon him. Therefore, he stood fast and just clenched his fists.
    Selmon took off his glasses and cleaned the lenses while he asked, "So, you gave us control of his entire existence, yet we need an evalution proving he remains existent? Why?"
    "Do I need to explain myself?" He grinned. "I'm the superior, what I say is law. And who said he wasn't of importance to me?"
    Fiora pursed her lips. "We aren't monsters, so quit trying to put doubt in us." She raised a finger to the now hooded boy. "Pack your bags, whatever you possibly have, and let's go." And with her closing words, she casually strolled out of the room, brushing past Wess without a care of what he was going to do about it. Selmon followed, grabbing hold of Will's arm.
    "There's something I haven't told you, but I'll elaborate on that when we have the time." He spoke in a hushed tone. Will didn't need to respond. He just looked back to see Ellanor waving at him, mouthing something he couldn't quite understand because of his growing distance from her.
    Oh well, he thought.
    ..More to Come..


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